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The authentic taste of the sea and the land of Amalfi blends sublimely into the dishes of the local cuisine. The Sfusato lemon, typical of local cultivations, is the undisputed protagonist of Amalfi tables in all its components and facets, adorning and enriching dishes that will remain impressed in the memory. Always in search of new sensorial suggestions, without ever losing sight of local traditions and specialities, gourmet cuisine in Amalfi is counted in the culinary Olympus with no less than three chefs having been awarded a Michelin Star in the small village area. The eno-gastronomic experience to be enjoyed will satisfy the curiosity of those who want to know the true secrets of the Mediterranean diet and local cuisine. From savoury to sweet, it is possible to taste delicacies rich in history and tradition: the renowned sfogliatella Santa Rosa and delizia al limone, which carry with them a centuries-old tradition that is steeped in territory and history. Tastings of locally produced limoncellos and liqueurs will lead to the exploration of a world of genuine and varied flavours.
Tradition combined with craftsmanship that will make your taste buds jolt.