11 suggestions to explore

Amalfi is perfect for lovers of relaxation and adventure, with many activities to be enjoyed in the gentle, unspoilt nature, characteristic of the Mediterranean maquis, in which the Amalfi village, nestled between mountains and sea, is splendidly set. Here countless light walks and trekking routes of different levels wind along the paths, all overlooking breathtaking views of the Divine Coast. The grandeur of nature will be revealed in all its splendour with itineraries exceptional for their beauty and uniqueness, enriched by history, traditions and local culture.
Cross the Lattari Mountains glimpsing the sea and the perched villages, take a journey through the wonders of Amalfi’s Valle delle Ferriere nature park, sprinkled with waterfalls and streams, explore the ancient paths, including the most famous Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods), a step away from the sky and the sea. Living “out of doors” as the best of all possible experiences.
For hiking and trekking enthusiasts it is possible to consult the CAI Monti Lattari website which offers a complete overview of the paths that connect the various towns of the Amalfi Coast.