Well being

25 suggestions to explore

Getting to know Amalfi in all its splendour, enjoying breathtaking views and enchanting walks at different times of day characterised by different shades of colours and shapes that come together to create the most beautiful of postcards. A combination of elements that become the perfect recipe for Amalfi Well Being, understood as all-round wellness, for the body but above all for the mind. Whether it is a walk by the sea or an aperitif at sunset, this town will be able to convey emotions, memories and stories to carry in your suitcase in memory of days spent on the enchanting coastline. Getting lost in the city’s alleyways, relaxing with a pleasant massage, enjoying a cool drink that stimulates the palate, what is the best definition of wellness? There probably isn’t just one, all are perfect, so why choose? All that remains is to start planning the different experiences now.